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WINNERS ANNOUNCED - AutomAte / Fearful 'Gorilla' Remix Comp

Attention producers! This your chance to showcase your remix skills and have the results featured on one of the very first AutomAte DnB releases!


AutomAte DnB have a pair of digital labels launching later this year, AutomAte Deep and AutomAte Tech.  The Deep label aims to put the warmth back into drum & bass with a range of deep, eclectic, inspirational music, influenced by anything from the Far East to South America and everything in between.  The Tech label will showcase a variety of gritty drum & bass music, from amen tracks and steppers to neuro and hardcore styles. We like it grimy with a slight attitude problem and an infectious groove.


We would like you to remix Fearful 's outrageously gritty, groovy stepper, Gorilla. Remixes are to be submitted no later than midnight on Sunday 12th August 2012 in 320 kbps MP3 format.


A clip of Fearful's original mix of Gorilla can be heard here --

Remix stems in 32 bit WAV format can be downloaded here -- http://www.mediafire.com/?7mi4biagvte022p

Remix stems in 24 bit WAV format can be downloaded here - http://www.mediafire.com/?wlsl8zzkvpwkml2


The preferred method of submission is via the official Soundcloud group. Please upload your full, final mix to your Soundcloud account and share it in, and only in, this group - http://soundcloud.com/groups/automate-dnb-fearful-gorilla-remix-com...


Your track may be public (i.e. visible / audible on your profile) but DO NOT allow downloads and DO NOT share your track with other Soundcloud groups, members or outside of Soundcloud. Entries may not be offered to labels other than AutomAte DnB or otherwise profited from. Entries that we do not sign to the label may be given away for free, but only AFTER we have officially announced the winner.


For those of you who don't use Soundcloud, you can submit your entries via email to gorilla@automatednb.co.uk and the same rules apply - send only to AutomAte DnB, do not share the track with anyone else until after we have officially announced the winner and do not upload audio or clips to any public domain.


Good Luck!


Competition Rules:


1. All styles & tempos are welcome. We will listen to every entry and will pick a winner that we feel best complements and contrasts the original and fits our vision for the AutomAte Tech label.

2. You can use your own samples, synths or any other sound sources along with the ones that have been provided, as long as no copyright or other legal infringements arise from their use.

3. All entries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 12th August 2012 in 320 kbps MP3 format, using one of the two approved submission methods described above.

4. Please send only completed tracks to the group; clips will not be listened to. Additionally if you are doing multiple versions / mixes, please submit only one, final version to us by the deadline date.

5. No posting / sharing of entries outside of the official Soundcloud group until after we've picked the winner. Any audio or clips shared with other Soundcloud groups or members, or uploaded to YouTube or any other host ahead of the winning track being selected by ourselves will unfortunately render that entry null and voided from our selection process.

6. Entries may not be offered to labels other than AutomAte DnB or otherwise profited from. Entries that we do not sign to the label may be given away for free, but only after we have officially announced the winner.

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We've added a 24 bit stem option in addition to the 32 bit stems, for Logic users and people with small hard drives :)

Fearful or Fearless? Seems you have the artist name wrong on one occasion, above! Cool track though

ah yeh, cheers mate! I'm forever saying Fearless instead of Fearful :-S

2 weeks to go on this. If you'd like a chance to feature on one of the very first AutomAte releases, now is the time to get going Can't wait to listen through all the entries!

Yo! Big up to everyone who entered the competition :) If you've submitted entries that are still in the queue for acceptance into the soundcloud group, don't worry, they will be accepted!


We have a big stack of entries to get through and with all the work we're doing to keep the label on track for successful launch by end of September, it may take us a few weeks to get round to naming the winner.


Winners will be announced at:



Once announced, we need the winner to get in contact with us on gorilla@automatednb.co.uk so we can sort out the details :)

Looking forward to hearing an announcement re: the winner!

The winners of the Fearful / AutomAte 'Gorilla' remix competition have been chosen. Thanks for your patience!

The lucky winners are ELTECK and NINO KAWASAKI. Those remixes will be released by AutomAte early in the new year. Please can you contact us at gorilla@automatednb.co.uk and we'll move forward with that :)

Thanks very much to everyone who made the effort & entered, we were chuffed with the level of interest & the number of entries. We'll likely do something similar again next year so keep your eyes & ears pealed ;)

We'd like to commend our runners up too - Brightman, N2, Frazzle, Everest... the final shortlist was difficult to pare down to the 2 winners.

Except for the 2 winners (obviously), you're all free to give your remixes away for free download, post them and promote them wherever you like. Just don't make any money from them, release them on any labels or market them as official AutomAte remixes.

Please everybody, keep at it, keep making music, keep working hard... and keep sending us tunes ;)
-> demos@automatednb.co.uk

boom, superb news. i just checked the 'elteck' dude and he's a worthy winner too.


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